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Skillheart privacy policy 

1. Introduction

SkillHeart AS adheres to lawful and transparent practice for processing your personal information. When you get interviewed through our system, we collect and store information about you such as your name and email address. This privacy policy describes why we process such data, how your data may be used, and what privacy rights you have in relation to this. 

2. Data controller

When you apply to a job where Skillheart is being used in the recruiting process, the company with whom you are seeking employment is the responsible data controller. Skillheart will have a data controller agreement with this company for how to process your data. 

3. Why do we process information about you?

User access and support

To provide you with access to Skillheart and offer user support, we will process data such as your name and your email address. When you contact Skillheart, you consent to the data processing required in order for us to respond to your request. 


Registering your personal information is voluntary. In some cases it can be necessary with accurate personal information to fully access our services.


Other data that is collected

Information from videos, applications, resumes and pictures are being collected. All our data processing is done with your consent only. You may at any time withdraw your consent, and you can email us at


Administration of our services

To ensure that our services are working as intended, we will collect and store data such as your IP-address and your usage patterns on our websites, through various technologies, including cookies.

4. Consent

With your consent we complete the data processing required to provide you with our services. When you accept our privacy policy, you consent to the data processing terms as described in our privacy policy.


If you want to withdraw your consent you may reach us at:

5. Use of external data controllers and sharing of data

In some cases we use data controllers within support and service to process personal data on our behalf. They will only be granted access to the information required in the specific case. We sign data privacy contracts with such third parties, and all processing of your personal data will be restricted to the scope of your consent. All our data processing is conducted within the EU/EEA.


We do not share your personal data unless required by law. If the police or other government authority requests information from Skillheart, we will adhere to the current legislation as stated.

6. Data storage

We will store your personal information for as long as it is necessary to serve the intended purpose. If you withdraw your consent we will delete the data immediately.

7. Your rights

You have the right to:


- Get your personal data deleted.


- At any time withdraw your consent.


- Require limited data processing or object to the processing.


- Get Skillhearts confirmation on the processing of your personal information and get access to information about the data processing. 


- Demand any eventual errors be corrected.


- Receive and transfer personal information about you that you yourself have given Skillheart.


- File a complaint to the supervisory authority (in Norway this is The Norwegian Data Protection Authority)  


We do not use automated decisions in our customer service, nor do we use profiling.


To invoke your rights you must send us an email at

We will respond as soon as possible and within 30 days.


Where we act as a data processor on behalf of another company you must contact said company to invoke your rights.

8 Security

We process data safely, including through encryption and the use of HTTPS-communication to ensure safe transfer of data.

9. Changes

If there are changes to our services or changes to the regulation on data privacy, we will notify you by email so that you have the chance to review the changes before they take effect. Continued use of our services after such changes have been published entail consent to the changes.

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